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She gave him
a chicken

a story about gratitude and generosity

JUne 2023

The day we arrived in Malawi, we went straight to church. The van pulled up to singing, dancing, and music blasting from the church doors. Within minutes, Joseph informed all three of us that we would be "preaching" and that I would be "leading worship."

Various people stood and gave sermons while Joseph or Anderson translated. I maneuvered the crowd, snapping photos of smiling kids and babies hanging from their mother's backs. Midway through Patrick's sermon, I bumped into a lady at the entrance. When I turned to apologize, I found myself face-to-face with a chicken.

patrick speaking at church2.JPG
patrick with chicken0.JPG

She pushed through the crowd, made her way to the front, and sat with the chicken. As Patrick wrapped up his message, Joseph stated: "I noticed a chicken," and motioned to the lady with the bird in hand. She came forward and handed the chicken to Patrick. He took it and put it straight into his jacket as if he would smuggle it back home.

She took a moment to express her gratitude for the work of Renown Collective. Just 20 steps from the church's front door was a new well that would be tapped the next day, and the community was eager for access to clean water.

Receiving this gift was humbling and inspiring, and I hope you share in the experience. This gift was for the Renown Collective family - this gift was for you. Halfway around the world, this lady gave a chicken to say thank you for bringing clean water to her village.

With Love,

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